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The Career Center at Endicott College provides services and resources that support employers throughout the staffing process and assists in the search for qualified candidates. Endicott College students and graduates are prepared to enter the professional world through a unique combination of academic and internship training.

For more information:   Employer Brochure 

Job and Internship Postings

Employers may post jobs and search resumes for Endicott students and alumni by creating an account on our ECLaunch site.  There is no charge for these services.  Employers may also send job information to

Recruiting Policies

Employers who wish to recruit students and alumni from Endicott College are expected to abide by the Principles for Professional Conduct for Career Services and Employment Professionals, as established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. These guidelines apply to posting full-time, part-time, temporary and seasonal jobs as well as to participating in on-campus recruiting activities such as job fairs, information sessions, employer tables and interviews.

Employers may not post job opportunities or otherwise recruit on campus for positions that require students to purchase or rent any type of presentation or sales material/supplies, or pay a fee for training or placement.

These guidelines also apply to Endicott employees who wish to post jobs for Endicott students through the Career Center.

On Campus Recruiting Opportunities

The Career Center invites employers to the Endicott College campus to participate in a variety of activities designed to meet the recruitment efforts of individual organizations.

  • Internship and Career Fair, held each February
  • Part-time Job Fair, held each September
  • On-campus interviews (see process below)
  • Classroom visits
  • Career Center programs, including College to Career (C2C) Seminars, Industry Nights, Meet the Firms, Employer in Residence Program
  • Employer information tables

Employers interested in participating in any on-campus recruiting activity should contact the Brenda Campbell, Employer Outreach Specialist at

On-Campus Interview Process

  1. Please contact the Career Center if there is an interest to recruit Endicott students and to review the best recruiting strategy.
  2. If there is an interest to host on-campus interviews, discuss with the Career Center the desired documents required, date for the interviews, length of the entire interview day, and length of individual interview session.  Forward the job description for the opportunities you are hiring for along with the desired majors for those opportunities.
  3. The Career Center will post the opportunity on our online job board.
  4. The Career Center will advertise the opportunity through its social media sites, respective departments, and student clubs.
  5. Students will be required to apply through our online job board by the submission deadline date, which is usually one week before the interviews are scheduled to take place. 
  6. Resumes will be sent to the company primary contact the day following the resume submission deadline.
  7. The company primary contact is free to work with the students directly to schedule interviews.  For better results, the company can forward a list of students to interview to the Career Center the same day, or otherwise agreed upon date.  The Career Center can then schedule interviews to take place on-campus.
  8. The Career Center will provide the interview schedule to the employer and other logistics information.
  9. During the interview day, the employer will be given the opportunity to fill out an evaluation form for each student candidate. 
  10. After the on-campus interviews take place, the company representatives will be given the opportunity to give feedback on their recruiting experience via an Employer Recruiting Event Survey.  A survey seeking hiring outcomes will be sent at a later point in the semester.  The employer may also be contacted for an Employer Spotlight Feature.

On-Campus Interview Dates, Academic Year 2015-16:

Start Date:  Wednesday, February 24, 2016 (the day after the Internship and Career Fair, Tuesday, February 23, 2016)

End Date:  April 7, 2016

Exceptions: March 13- – 17, 2016 (Spring Break)

*Fall on-campus interview dates will be scheduled on request if the academic schedule permits.  Please note that most seniors are on campus only one day per week due to their internship schedules.

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