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Graduate Survey Results

Each year the Career Center surveys the May graduating class of undergraduates.  The data collected is compiled and reported annually in the Post-Graduation Report brochure. 

Below are highlights of the survey results for May 2013 graduates.  For more details on any of the graduating classes 2011-2013, including a sample of employers and graduate and professional schools attended by our graduates, see the following Post-Graduation Reports:

May 2013 May 2012 May 2011

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Overview of May 2013 Graduates

Status of Graduates

  • Employed full-time or attending graduate school/continuing education at the time of the survey: 90%
  • Enrolled in graduate school/continuing education:  21%
  • Seeking employment: 3%

    Details of Employment

    • Job is related to academic program of study: 88%
    • Employed at former internship site (or employment found through internship site contact): 39%

    (Note: Internships were the leading sources of post-graduation employment)

    The information above is based on results of survey administered to 414 graduates; response rate was 72%.

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