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Student Creates Swipeable Jazz Concert

Jordan Ragan
Staff Writer

Lexi Godlewski, Endicott College Jazz Band Manager, and saxophone player, has put together the plans to make a swipeable jazz concert in the amphitheater on May 6th.

Godlewski decided to create a concert that will allow one swipe towards the required events that students must attend throughout the academic year.

Swipeable events allow students to learn something new and experience something that is knowledgeable.

“Even though we are called the Jazz Band, we don’t just play jazz, we play everything from jazz to country to pop, so we have a whole variety of songs,” said Godlewski. “It kind of gets you back to realizing what live music sounds like and how talented people are at this school.”

Ray Novack, the Endicott Jazz Instructor, said, “The students at Endicott have been working very hard for over the past few months and I think we have some entertaining tunes to perform.”

“I think we are planning to perform a very diverse repertoire, ranging from Ella Fitzgerald, to Michael Buble and Chuck Mangoine,” said Novack.

Godlewski and the other band members thought of the idea to have the concert before coming with the idea of it being swipeable. “We have so many different songs that we learned through out the semester and year that we just thought, how cool would it be to be able to play in front of our peers and community members,” said Godlewski.

There is a process that is needed to make an event swipeable on campus. “Making it swipeable so far has been very easy,” Godlewski said. “I went and talked to Student Activities about putting on a concert, and then they told me who I should contact, the Dean of Student Affairs, Brandon Dawson.”

“Both Brandon Dawson and I evaluate the event and what we look for are events that are going to enrich student’s understanding of issues, topics and also that are broad enough to attract students from a lot of disciplines,” said Laura Rossi-Le, Vice President and Dean of the Undergraduate College. 

When making it swipeable, students must send in a proposal that explains the event, according to Rossi-Le. The proposal consists of a few different key items.

“It’s a little proposal that just says, “we are sponsoring this event, we feel it would appeal to students and can it please be swipeable,” and then we weigh in on it and get all the details that we might need,” said Rossi-Le.

The jazz concert will be held on May 6th in the amphitheater; the time will be announced prior to the event.


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