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Mr. Endicott 2014 Lives Up to its Name

Nicole Stalega
Staff Writer

The 4th annual male beauty pageant, Mr. Endicott, proved to be just of a hit as the years before. The popular Spring Week contest, hosted by students Mike Herman and Erik Mangrum, kicked-off on the right note with a “twerk-off” between the announcers, followed by a group dance mash-up, choreographed by Danielle LaRocque, to songs such as “Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé, and “Dontcha” by The Pussycat Dolls.

Next came the contestant introduction outfits – a very key element to the competition seeing as first impressions are everything. Some of the most original were: Adam Smith as Spencer Pratt, Tom Murray as Johnny Knoxville/“The Bad Grandpa,” Max Mirabile as Ben Nemtin from “The Buried Life,” and Jeff Marcel as “The Naked Cowboy.”

The show had an “MTV Spring Break” theme, screening a “Next” re-enactment video, “Room Raiders” interviews, and a Spring Break apparel portion that left little to the imagination with the men sporting everything from daisy dukes to speedos.

The event also included a talent portion, where the contestants had the chance to showcase their singing, dancing, and guacamole-making skills. Contestant Jeff Marcel, and partner Jess, performed a version of the “Spartan Cheerleaders” from Saturday Night Live, while others such as Jim Dooley had the audience singing and clapping along with his rendition of Spongebob Squarepants’ “F.U.N.” song on his ukelele.

Others, in particular Ian Kaeding and Matt Mooney showed off their moves to songs “Sexy & I Know it” by LMFAO and “Talk Dirty” by Jason Derulo, complete with splits and hip thrusting.

“I actually learned to breakdance this past December because I wanted to incorporate that into my talent,” said Mooney.
Jason Tarpey rapped a mash-up with sophomore Kelly Walsh that included songs such as “Lose Yourself,” “Can’t Hold Us,” “Wasn’t Me,” and most impressively, “Rap God.”

Tarpey said that he decided to do this mashup when he was out with his friends while “Rap God” was playing.

“I did the fast part and people thought it was really cool that I was able to do that so I figured why not do it for my talent and throw in some other songs that people know and enjoy,” said Tarpey.

The top five that consisted of Jeff Marcel, Jim Dooley, Ryan Mrozek, Paul Frost, and Max Mirabile, were revealed and grilled with some pressing questions during a Q & A session. Some highlights from the Q & A session included Paul Frost admitting that if he could change one thing about Endicott, it’d be the food, and Ryan Mrozek, saying that his biggest inspiration are his friends here that help him “get through everything” which drew a long “aw” from the crowd.

After a 20 second male dance party, winners were chosen for two independent awards. Matt Mooney was honored as the “Crowd Favorite” when the audience cheered the loudest for him during the selection.

“It felt good that I won crowd favorite and I was glad that people liked my talent,” said Mooney.

Additionally, the Mr. Endicott contenders voted Jim Dooley to win “Mr. Congeniality” for his hard work and upbeat attitude.

“I felt great winning Mr. Congeniality,  it’s an honor. [The contestants] all picked me, which is awesome. I could not be more grateful,” said Dooley.

“Jim Dooley was 100% one of the main things that made me laugh during every practice and he deserved to win Mr. Congeniality, and Matt Mooney killed it so there was no reason the crowd should not have voted him crowd favorite,” said Tarpey.

The crowd got their second wind when it came time for the winner to be crowned. Mangrum and Herman announced that Jeff Marcel was Mr. Endicott 2014, cue the screaming girls with Jeff-face-cutouts on sticks.

“I love Jeff Marcel and he absolutely deserved to win,” said Tarpey.

The Wax Auditorium was entirely full for the show to a point where students had to settle for seats on the ground and windowsills. The crowded audience was the perfect energy for the contestants to feed off of during their performances.

“I enjoyed just seeing how much the crowd liked the show as a whole,” said Mooney.


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