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Endicott Dancers Perform in First Outdoor Performance

Sara Pudvelis
Staff Writer

The Repertory Dance Ensemble class is preparing for the Site Specific Work Show, which will take place by the ponds this May.

Dance Team Coach and Dance Coordinator, Nicole Sao Pedro Welch, is in charge of the upcoming show, titled “Human Nature.” According to Welch, this will be the first outdoor performance the dance minor has ever put on.

In Repertory Dance Ensemble, the students are the ones who create the movements and Welch is there to guide them along. She has assigned them homework to research the history behind Endicott College, and use what they find to inspire their dances.

“Within that, we have been exploring different components of inspiration such as the history of Beverly, history of Endicott, the ideas of human made versus nature made, personal investments in Endicott and what has come out of our research,” said Welch.

Welch wants the students to focus on some of the overlooked areas on campus, such as the Individuation Statue near College Hall, the smaller bridge over the ponds, and the beauty of the trees.

According to Welch, the whole show is an experiment and a new process for the dancers and herself. She chooses a place and the dancers come up with movements that correlate to it.

“We are getting out of the traditional space we dance in. We will be entering the audiences space instead of them coming into ours,” said Welch. “I’m hoping the audience will be able to watch and walk with us, I don’t want to alter the space because that’s what site work is.”

Welch said there would be a few chairs and benches provided for the older viewers, but she wants the audience to be involved with the show. The dancers might even be within the crowd at some point, breaking the barrier between stage and audience.

According to Nicolette Massaro, a freshman Communications with a minor in dance, the ringing bells heard on campus throughout the day inspire the show’s music. The instrumental music will have bell noises within it and be played through Endicott’s carillon during the performance.

“The music is a background source as supposed to it driving the show. It won’t overpower what we have been working on,” said Massaro.

According to Massaro, the outdoor component of the show is going to be a new challenge for her and the other dancers. The campus is filled with obstacles such as hills and rocks, which would not be a problem for a show that takes place on an indoor stage.

“What we do inside right now is totally different than what you guys will see outside because the location adds a whole different element to it,” said Massaro.

According to Haliegh White, freshman, nursing student who is minoring in dance, the weather worries the dancers because they are performing the routine on the last weekend of the semester. There can be no rain dates for the show. White thinks if the weather is unworkable, they will have to find a way to adjust the performance so it can be done in the Visual Performing Arts Center.

“Hopefully weather permits it because that is where all our inspiration has come from,” said White. She wants the performance to be shown to audiences as they have been planning it all semester.

“Human Nature” will be taking place at 6PM on May 17th and 18th around campus. It is free of charge and open to the public.

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