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Endicott College Alumni Council

The purpose of the Alumni Council Association is to enhance the Mission of the College as defined by the Board of Trustees. It will contribute to the development and continued stability of the College. Alumni Council members are elected to serve in an advisory capacity to the college and to motivate alumni to work for the perpetuation of the College. The Alumni Council will suggest institutional direction and policy to the College. If you have suggestions or questions for the Council, please contact

Executive Committee Members:

Alumni Association
Council Members

President:  Cheryl Vickery '79

Vice President:  Alisa Kriekis de Gaspe Beaubien '94      

Secretary:  Kelly Fitzgerald '09

Treasurer:  Denise Latulippe DeChristoforo '82

Historian:  Fran Aceto '92



Kristie Barber '88
Samantha Tyler Bellows '08
Adam Belmonte ' '04
Karen Blake '78
Brandi Bonds '08
Paula Chandoha '69
Josh Clark '06
Deborah Jewson Dempsey '93  
Bob Dionne '08 MBA'12
Michael Dougan MBA'10
Susan DiMartino Dowling '72
Matthew George '06
Elizabeth Glotch '02

Ann Hoar Marquis '72
Vivian Zweig Mackey '69
Barbara Maclachlan MBA'03
Ann McDonald MBA'06
James Modugno MBA'05
Braden Monaco '05
Deborah Moore-Lai MBA'12
Kimberly Ferro Muse '08 MBA'09   
Erica Nee '07 MBA'09
Taylor Patten '11
Gayle Frary Piraino '75
Mauricia Rollins MBA'08
Beth Spieler MED'09
Diane Zanni '95        


We are currently accepting applications for new positions on the Alumni Council. We hope that service to your Alma Mater appeals to you.  The Council is comprised of a great group of people who enjoy working together to promote Endicott.  We strive for an ideal Council structure to best serve our school – a good mix of members that reflect the different age groups, majors, interests, and talents of our alumni.  It is a very rewarding way to be current on all that Endicott is now and will be in the future.

There are three Alumni Council meetings per year on the Endicott campus and each member of the Alumni Council volunteers for a three-year term.  The Council serves as the link between the College and its Alumni community.  Our business is conducted in accordance with the By-Laws of the Alumni Association.  We sponsor many activities on and off campus and participate in outreach functions in our home communities.  Our goal is to garner support and enthusiasm for Endicott.

If you are interested in serving on the Endicott College Alumni Council, and in the future of Endicott, please consider applying for a position on the Council.  Click on the links below to learn more about serving on the Alumni Council and apply. 

                    Roles and Responsibilities                    Alumni Council Application


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