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Financial Aid Payment Plan

Endicott College provides an interest-free, debt-free way to spread tuition payments over a number of months through Tuition Management Systems (TMS).  The payment plan is not a loan so there are no interest payments, only a low enrollment fee.

The Least Expensive Way To Pay

When it comes to tuition, there's one simple truth. The more you borrow, the more you will pay for education. Yet you can easily reduce your debt and your education costs. Just pay as much as you can now, interest-free, using the monthly tuition payment plan. Then, use loans to cover any difference.

You can use the monthly payment plan to pay all your education expenses, the balance after financial aid or in combination with loans. Just remember, the more you pay now, the less you will have to pay in total.

Fast, Easy Payment Options

The Tuition Management System (TMS) payment plan is all about convenience.  You will have the option to make your payments online or by mail with your monthly statement.

Or, if you prefer the worry free simplicity of automatic deductions from your checking or savings account, you can sign up for recurring payments via electronic check.

Once you are enrolled, you can manage your account online allowing you to view your account information and status, and make payments any time - day or night.

How to Get Started

To get started, please follow the link to Tuition Management Systems: www.afford/.com/endicott or call 888-216-4258.

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