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Digital Media Center

The Digital Media Center embraces digital production. The Center uses a Broadcast Pix digital video production system operated by a student crew consisting of a producer, director, anchor, cameramen, engineer, lighting and sound engineers, etc. The studio is used to produce programming that can be shown live or recorded and broadcast on Endicott College Television (ECTV), or streamed over the internet for world-wide viewing. Students who work in ECTV have full control of broadcast content and learn all aspects of TV production by creating their own productions. The School of Communication offers courses that teach the principles, theory and skills needed to produce professional quality programming for a variety of today's media, including cable and network television, corporate media, advertising, documentary film making, the web and social media. The Digital Media Center, ECTV and the curriculum prepare Endicott students for internships and future job opportunities in the exciting field of digital media.

The Studio

At the core of the Digital Media Center is the Broadcast Pix digital production control system and Telvue media storage and distribution server. The system includes a multi screen director's control center, switcher, digital video effects (DVE), audio board, HD cameras, prompters, and controls for a digital character generator (CG), still store, video player/recording decks, 3 HD studio cameras. Also located in the Digital Media Center is a post production facility that houses several video editing systems, including 6 digital non-linear systems (Adobe Premiere), allowing students to experience industry standard video editing technology. The studio can broadcast live to the campus, or over the web in HD and is the home of ECTV, Endicott's student campus TV station.

Studio Equipment


Field Acquisition Equipment


Non-linear Systems

Misc. Equipment

-Broadcast Pix digital production control system
-Telvue media storage and distribution server
-Panasonic HD studio cameras
-Audio Mixing Station
-Integrated studio lighting system
- Green Screen/Chroma Key
-News set


-9 Panasonic AG-HMC150PJU HD HC tapeless cameras

-6 field lighting kits

-6 Adobe Premiere digital editing systems

-Audio editing software

- 4 Olympus WS311M digital audio recorders (podcasting)
- CD/ DVD burners

- 6 H2 Zoom digital audio recorders



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