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Computer Labs

Endicott College has a total of 5 full computer labs, numerous special purpose mini labs for individual departments located throughout the campus, including a mixed platform, high end digital print lab and many computer workstations open to student use also located throughout the campus, many of which are on the main floor of the Diane Halle Library.

The main technology center is located in the Diane Halle Library, which houses two PC labs/classrooms, five mediated classrooms, a mediated multi-purpose "Little Theater", the Cyber Cafe and various computer stations spread throughout the library proper. The Manninen Center for the Arts houses two Mac labs equipped for graphic design, web and multimedia production, a multi-platform digital print lab, and a Windows based Interior Design lab. The Gerrish Business/ Judge Science Center is home to its own multiple operating system computer lab (Windows, Mac OSX and Linux), a laptop- ready classroom, a team building classroom and a digital finance center streaming live Bloomberg stock and financial information, plus all classrooms are mediated. The Wax Academic Center has the Digital Media Center and all classrooms are mediated.

All of the labs provide access to email, the Internet/ World Wide Web, Microsoft Office suite and specialty software as needed for coursework.

Labs are open Mon. - Thurs. 8:00am-12pm; Fri. 8:00am-8pm; Sat. 11am-5pm; Sun. 12 noon-12 midnight. The Cyber Cafe is open 24 x7. For security purposes, the computer labs are monitored at all times by the Campus Safety Office.

Computer Lab Support is available throughout the day and evening hours by a combination of full time staff and Student Lab Monitors.

Computer Lab Policies

Academic Software Policies



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