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Writing Fellows


In this program, undergraduates are placed in positions of peer leadership where they are role models for other students. Fellows will acquire greater professional experience in writing, reading, and critiquing work within foundational, honors, and specific disciplines. Collaboration with faculty to improve writing instruction across campus will be a focus, as well.  


In the current model, students working with Writing Fellows are able to submit a draft of major assignments approximately two weeks before it is due to the instructor.  The fellow responds in writing to each draft, returns the drafts to students, and then prepares a summary of comments for the instructor.  Students then revise and meet for one-to-one conferences with the fellow before handing-in the final version.  The students then submit drafts and comments from the writing fellow with the final version for the instructor. Fellows may also be asked to facilitate in-class peer review session, out-of-class tutoring sessions, or workshops on writing-related topics. 

Faculty members interested in the Writing Fellows Program should contact the Director, Dr. David DiSarro at or 978-232-2237.
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