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What Students are Saying

 "She took me through the paper step-by-step as a reader. It helped me to get a better look at the paper."


"Working on flow and sentence structure was just what I needed."


"We went through the paper together so I would be able to notice my mistakes on my own."


"The most helpful thing about the conference was making a good outline for my research paper."


"I found the discussion on my thesis helpful in developing my paper."


"She was able to help me with more effective transitions in my paper, which improved the overall quality of the paper."


"Everything was helpful.  I learned a lot and this conference definitely made life less stressful.  Thanks!"


"I can now write a clear thesis statement for my paper and I know how to organize it better."


"She helped me organize and gave great feedback about my conclusion.  I needed another point of view and help with organizing my thoughts."


"Very helpful.  Pointed out ways to rearrange my ideas."


"I found that I came out with a lot more to write about than when I came in."

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