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Writing Center Mission Statement

We believe that all writers, no matter how strong their skills, need an interested and attentive audience and learn best when actively engaged with their own writing. Our mission is to help all students improve as writers across disciplines and genres. The Writing Center mirrors the College's larger mission to act as a "student-centered institution that supports undergraduate and graduate students in their pursuit of knowledge." To that end, the Writing Center seeks to empower student writers to take full authority over their own writing: students are responsible for knowing their instructors' specific expectations and for the quality of all submitted work.

Tutors facilitate student-writers' own efforts and processes. They do not edit or do work for students. Instead, they encourage students to identify their own strengths and weaknesses and to understand how and why changes can be made. Tutors help students of all levels with any stage of writing or pre-writing. During the one-on-one time they spend together, tutors help students better understand the needs and expectations of different audiences and genres, point them to resources, and encourage them to write clearly and persuasively. Tutors emphasize the importance of addressing larger-level issues (ideas, argument, organization, and use of sources) before sentence-level issues (citation style, word choice, grammar, and punctuation).

Writing conferences are not limited to improving specific pieces of writing; rather, their ultimate purpose is to help students find their own voices as developing writers.

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