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CW @ the WC

CW @ the WC is a series of workshops through the Writing Center geared toward creative writing students, interested non-majors, as well as faculty, staff, and alumni looking to hone their prose, poetry, and works of creative nonfiction.  The workshops concentrate on a range of relevant topics, from techniques for peer review to submitting for publication.  All workshops are conducted by professional tutor, Ellen Goldstein, herself an accomplished poet, nonfiction writer, and editor, with works having appeared in New Hampshire Review, Valparaiso Review, Measure, The Common, Muddy River Review, among others.  For any questions regarding the workshops, please contact Ellen at

Please note that all workshops are held in the Diane M. Halle Library, Room 206, from 7 - 8 p.m. on selected evenings.  The descriptions of workshops for the Fall 2014 semester are below:

Tuesday, September 23rd:  Generating New Writing
Tired of writing poems about how much you hate the snow?  During this one-hour workshop, we'll do a series of exercises to come up with new ideas, new topics, and new directions for your writing.  Bring your laptops or a notebook!

Tuesday, October 28th:  Critiquing Creative Writing
How do you help someone revise without imposing your own style?  Can you critique nonfiction without critiquing the writer's life?  How do you critique a poem when you only write prose?  This workshop presents creative-writing-specific tips on peer review.!

Tuesday, November 18th:  How to Read Your Work Out Loud
As writers, we naturally want to communicate with our readers/audience.  This workshop will focus on how to share your work with an audience and connect with your listeners.  If possible, bring a short (2 - 3 minute) piece to share with the group.


Wednesday, December 3rd:  How to Submit Your Work for Publication
Like how that story turned out?  We'll talk about how to tell when your work is ready to send out, where to find places to publish, the mechanics of submitting (no 13-point comic sans font!), and how to deal with rejection.

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