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The Writing Center - Appointments & Cancellations

How to Make an Appointment

Cancellation/Late Policy
So that we can accommodate as many students as possible, we ask that you cancel any appointments you will be unable to make (go to the "My Control Panel" in WCOnline). Those students who fail to show up for two or more appointments will be removed from the online system and will forfeit their ability to make appointments for the rest of the semester. They may still use the Writing Center on a walk-in basis.

Students who arrive more than 10 minutes late to a conference may forfeit that time slot and any subsequent appointments that day, if others are waiting.

Additional Information
For information about various presentations, workshops, and services through The Writing Center (such as classroom introductions, residence hall tutoring, or requesting a tutor to work with a faculty member during in-class sessions), please visit our "Faculty Services" page or contact the Academic Resources Coordinator, Juliana Studer, at or call 978-816-7657

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