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The Writing Center - About the Tutors

Professional Writing Tutors

                      Susan Archer                         

       Ellen Goldstein                          

    Tricia Shepherd       

                      Amy Cohn

       Julie Jensen

    Ryan Socolow

                      David DiSarro

       Kimberly Pavlovich

    Juliana (Julie) Studer
                      Samantha (Sam) Garrity
       Casey Roland


Peer Writing Tutors

                    Amanda Anthony

  Kaylee Hartnett
                Emily Pereira

                    Kaleigh Brown*                              

  Sara Hopper*
                Brenna Shannahan (Abroad)
                    Paige Colombo (Abroad)
   Ben Horgan (Abroad)

                Eliza Steadman*

                    Kyra Crist

   Emily Laliberté
                Olivia Weinmann 

                    Megan Dalke

   Sagun Limbu*
                Taylor Williams

*2016 - 2017 Endicott College Writing Fellow

Peer Tutors

Peer Tutors are certified by the College Reading and Learning Association  

Amanda Anthony (Major: Hospitality Management; Minor: Dance)
In addition to the wonderful people Amanda has been able to create friendships with at Endicott, she feels fortunate to also be receiving such a great education from the school. It was an English class she took early on freshman year that encouraged her to become a writing center tutor. She looks forward to helping others with this position.

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Kaleigh Brown (Major:  Communication)
Originally from Sandown, New Hampshire, Kaleigh is a member of the Endicott Scholars Program and Lighthouse, as well as a staff writer for The Endicott Observer.  She is passionate about traveling, reading, writing, and learning.  Kaleigh loves spending her spare time outdoors and in nature.  After graduation, she hopes to make a difference and help people.

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Paige Colombo (Major: Nursing)
Paige plans on being a nurse anesthetist later in her career.  She gained her interest for the medical world from her mom and Grey’s Anatomy.  In her spare time, Paige enjoys reading, going to baseball games, the beach, and being around her family and friends.

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Krya Crist (Major: Interior Design)
Krya loves to spend time outside and with her dogs, but her favorite place to be is in the saddle.  Aside from tutoring, Kyra is also on the Endicott Equestrian Team.  She hopes to pursue a career at a Boston design firm when she graduates, while keeping time in her schedule to spend time with horses and travel to new places.

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Megan Dalke (Major: Art Therapy; Minor: Human Services)
Originally from Newington, CT, Megan hopes to travel as much as she can since she is from a small town.  Megan wants to make a difference in peoples lives, whether that is through Art Therapy club.  In her free time, she enjoys being outside and in the summer her favorite activity is paddle boarding.

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Kaylee Hartnett (Major: Communication)
When not at Endicott, Kaylee lives in Westford, Massachusetts. Writing and storytelling have been her hobbies ever since she was young, and eventually she decided to put her talents to good use and make a career. Her ambition is to write for television and film, and hopefully be able to publish her stories with other forms of media along the way, such as through video games or even books.

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Sara Hopper (Major: Bioengineering)
Sara is from Dalton, Massachusetts, a small town in Berkshire County.  She is a part of the Endicott Scholars program, the Habitat for Humanity Club, and the Biotech Society.  She doesn't know what she is going to do after school, but loves science, technology, reading, and writing.  She also loves horseback riding, going to the beach, and car rides.

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Ben Horgan (Major: English)
Other than being a writing tutor, Ben is also a New Student Mentor and a member of The Agency. Outside of school, Ben enjoys spending time with friends, playing and watching sports, free-writing, Netflix, and reading The Great Gatsby.

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Emily Laliberté (Major:  Education)
Emily is part of CAB at Endicott. Besides writing and reading, Emily enjoys taking road trips with friends, spending time at the beach, and watching Netflix.


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Sagun Limbu (Major: English
Sagun is originally from Nepal, but was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Sikkim, India. She discovered her love for reading and writing in high school through the help of her teacher. She loves learning new things. With the education that she is receiving/received, she hopes to return home and help her community.

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Emily Pereira (Major: Interior Design)
Emily hopes to pursue a career as an Interior Architect. She is from the small beach town of Westerly, Rhode Island. As well as being a writing tutor, Emily writes for the Endicott Odyssey team. She loves to travel internationally to experience different cultures. In the summer, Emily spends most of her time at the beach or going deep-sea scuba diving. She loves to dance, explore, and play with her dog Roxie.

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Brenna Shannahan (Major: English; Minor: Communication)
Brenna is from Shelton, Connecticut and is a staff writer for The Endicott Observer, an editor for The Endicott Review, and a rower on the crew team. Brenna likes handwritten letters, long hugs, and the smell of new books. 

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Eliza Steadman (Major: Education)
Eliza is from Nantucket an island of the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. When she graduates Eliza would love to work as a high school English teacher. Eliza is a part of the Endicott Honors program and is a contributing writer for the Endicott Observer.  She loves being outside, playing softball with her team from back home, hanging out with her three sisters, going to farmers markets, and exploring new places. 

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Olivia Weinmann (Major: Psychology)
Olivia loves to help people and hopes to make a difference someday. Though she is unsure of what she would like to pursue as a career, she is excited to be exploring opportunities through internship at Endicott and eventually graduate school. In her free time, Olivia loves spending time outdoors and at the lake. She has a passion for animals and enjoys being in the company of her friends. 

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Taylor Williams (Major: Criminal Justice; Major: Psychology)

Taylor is originally from Middletown, Connecticut and is a member of Endicott’s Odyssey team. Her interest in writing is inspired by a former teacher in high school, which she hopes to extend to fellow students.

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