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The Writing Center

Click here to make an appointment with the Tutoring Center for help in a variety of content areas. 

At the Writing Center, professional and peer tutors from a variety of fields work with hundreds of Endicott students, faculty, and staff each semester. The best way to meet with a tutor is to make an appointment through our online scheduling system (see above), though we also welcome walk-in appointments if tutors are available.

We help students:

  • Understand writing prompts and assignments
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Organize information
  • Develop clear arguments
  • Write strong thesis statements, introductions, and conclusions
  • Use sources effectively (summary, quotation, and paraphrasing)
  • Cite sources in APA, MLA, or Chicago-style documentation
  • Identify grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure issues
  • Discuss presentation and public-speaking skills
  • Format and design visual, spatial, and audio compositions
  • Foster overall literacy skills

Our approach:

  • Offer free, collaborative, 30 or 60 minute tutoring sessions
  • Provide services in 1:1 and group formats
  • Offer face-to-face and online appointment options
  • Encourage students to set the agenda for the session
  • Energize and motivate students through useful workshops
  • Provide an active presence on campus through in-class visits

Our philosophy:

We seek to help all students improve as writers across disciplines, skill levels, and stages of the composing process. To that end, tutors encourage students to identify their own strengths and weaknesses and to understand how and why changes can be made to their work. Tutors help students better understand the needs and expectations of different audiences, identify useful resources, and encourage clear and persuasive communication using a variety of mediums. In addition, tutors do not edit or do work for students; rather, the ultimate purpose of writing center sessions is to help students find their own voices as developing writers beyond a single piece of writing or assignment.

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