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Peer Tutoring Program

About the Peer Tutors

About the Peer Tutors

Endicott's peer tutors are recommended by faculty members, have achieved a GPA of 3.0 or above, and have earned a B or above in the classes for which they tutor. In addition, tutors are trained and certified following the guidelines of the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

Level III -- Master

Chris Johnson
          Emma Soules
Level II -- Advanced
Sean Hennigan
          Moises Inestroza
       Michelle Duffy
Meaghan Dwyer
          Allison Loomis
       Kendra Czernicki
Level I -- Regular
Michael Fortin
          Dan Richards
        Maddie Schiess
Elizabeth LeClair
          Erin Haynes 
        Patricia Blanchard
Renee Lucia
          Ben Pinette 
        Lindsey Head
Jillian Cunningham
          Allison Lessard
       Ted Andrews
Alexandria Dimond
          Susan Pomilla  
       Shelby Stevenson
Derek Svendsen
          John Millett
       Abby Raynes
Elizabeth Manley
          Caytlinn Strickland
       Nick Manuel
Matt Muehlemann
          Miriam Lewis
       Tiffany Picanco
Claire Scheipers
          Renee Beauregard

       Mallory Morse

Nicole Chronister
           Lynzee Halligan
       Felicia Mann
Victoria McCart
           Christopher Whitney
       Alexandra VandeMerkt
Emily Rodewald
           Brianna Murphy
       Michaela Flynn
Sean Keenan
           Cole Perrone
       Kelly Mulligan
Maddie Sachs
           Christian Bohn
       Kyle Michaud
Marissa Walczak
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