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Student Support Center Testimonials

"I think it was just really helpful and supportive to have someone to go to twice a week for academic support and helpful tips on how to become a more successful student."

"I liked that no matter what, if I had trouble, my tutor could help me get through it."

"I liked how my tutor forced me to edit my papers! We had a great connection which made it fun for me to learn!"

"SSC tutoring helped me to stay on track and organize what I have to do. Also it helped me to get better test-taking skills, especially for anatomy."

"It felt like I had direction, somewhere to go if I had a problem or felt overwhelmed. SSC tutoring was a real help for my first year experience."

"I liked the help I received when I was researching for information about my projects and papers, and the overall attitude of my tutor. The feedback that I received on my papers helped me, too."

"The program kept me on top of assignments and improved my organization skills."



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