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Student Success

The Student Success Office believes in fostering student happiness and helping students successfully navigate their Endicott experience.  However, we understand certain life events, unforeseen circumstances, and issues may arise.  If you are thinking of transferring, taking a leave of absence, or leaving the College for any reason, please come to the Office of Student Success for a personal interview and completion of student withdrawal forms.  


Additional Information

Business Office
Please refer to the Business Office for all questions regarding Endicott’s Refund Policy, refund schedule, and other pertinent financial information.


Financial Aid

Please note any change in status can impact your financial aid, such as moving from full-time to part-time status, or changing from a resident to commuter student. Please contact Financial Aid for more information.


Important Dates
April 1st & December 1st

Students who plan to leave Endicott for any reason must complete the withdrawal process by April 1st if their intention is not to return in the fall semester and December 1st if their intention is not to return in the spring semester. If a student is planning on leaving Endicott, they

  • Should not participate in the fall room selection process
  • Should not register for fall or spring classes
  • Complete change of Residency Application and Declaration of Intent forms for the upcoming fall or spring semester due to the Office of Residential Life.


Tuition Refund Insurance

As an Endicott College student or family member, you may want to consider Tuition Refund Insurance. This elective coverage offers up to 100% tuition refund, up to the policy limits, when a student cannot complete classes for the semester due to a covered medical reason. This coverage complements and enhances our refund policy. Enroll today at or call our Tuition Refund Insurance provider at 1-866-857-0572.

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