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Disability Services

Please note that services cannot begin until a completed application is on file with the Disability Services Office.

Examples of potential accommodations at Endicott College include:

Alternative Text Materials

Students with visual and hearing impairments may be eligible for alternative format textbooks and course materials such as e-books and audio books depending on the specific disability. 

Assistive Technology

Students with hearing-impairments will be provided with closed-circuit captioning, ASL, and audio-amplification system assistance as needed.  Additionally, all on-line course material and media with an audio-component are required to be either transcribed or captioned consistent with college policy.

Dietary Accommodations

College Policy maintains that all resident students must participate in one of the Meal Plan options.  The only exceptions to this policy will be documented cases of medical disability.  To be considered for this, students must submit an ADA Accommodations Request Form along with medical documentation which outlines in detail the student's medical condition and dietary requirements.  No requests will be considered without this information.  The student will then be referred to a Sodexo (Endicott Dining Management) Chef for a recommendation on whether an additional accommodation is necessary.   

Disability Housing

Endicott College is committed to providing a residential experience for students which encourages active participation and engagement in the campus community. The residential experience at Endicott offers students the opportunity to select from a variety of living arrangements in a number of distinct dwellings with varying amenities and support services. A student who desires to live on campus but requires some level of accommodation because of a medical, psychological or physical disability may request consideration of those accommodations through the disability housing process. Housing accommodations are determined on a case by case basis. Supporting documentation must be recent to determine the current and substantial impact on activities of daily living. Additionally, the documentation must establish a direct link between the housing accommodation request and the impairment.  Please click here to review the complete Disability Housing Accommodations Procedures and Guidelines.

Extended Time Testing & Reduced Distraction Testing

This accommodation constitutes "time and a half" based on standard exam time in a quiet testing environment.  Our testing center may provide this accommodation by administering the exam directly before or immediately after a scheduled exam time or at an agreed-upon time between the student, the Center, and the faculty member.  All students approved for this accommodation must adhere to the scheduling requirements set forth by the Testing Center including time-frames for scheduling tests and faculty notifications.  For more information on Extended Time & Reduced Distraction Testing, please call 978-998-7769 or email


Due to limited campus parking, Freshmen are not permitted to have a vehicle on campus.  Any incoming Freshman requesting a modification to this policy due to a documented disability should contact the Campus Safety Department directly. 

Peer Note Takers

This accommodation provides eligible students with a supplemental copy of class notes.  This accommodation is approved mainly for students with cognitive processing issues and/or fine-motor skill impairments.  For note taking information, please call 978-998-7786 or email

Screen Readers/Scribes

This accommodation is for students with visual, visual processing, and/or fine motor disabilities who are unable to read or write their own exams.  In these cases, a reader/scribe will be provided for exams.


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