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Sustainability - Who We Are

Campus Committee on Sustainability

The Committee on Campus Sustainability evaluates campus sustainability opportunities related to operations, academics, and student engagement and set priorities for action.  The committee  makes recommendations to the President around related investment (e.g. energy efficiency), policy, promotion of campus initiatives, and community engagement.  The committee will also evaluate initiatives and make recommendations for revisions as necessary. 


Sarah Hammond Creighton joined Endicott College in the August 2010 as the College's first Director of Campus Sustainability. She has twenty years of experience in campus greening, campus sustainability, climate change action, green buildings, energy efficiency, and renewables. She is author of Greening the Ivory Tower: Improving the Environmental Track Record of Universities, Colleges and Other Institutions (MIT Press, 1998), and co-author of Degrees that Matter: Climate Change and the University (MIT Press, 2007).

Ms. Creighton holds a B.S. in Physics from Bates College and an M.S. in Environmental Policy and Civil and Environmental Engineering from Tufts.

Alex Casioppo has served as the College’s Environmental Coordinator since graduating from Endicott in 2008 with a degree in Environmental Studies. He has developed campus-wide programs to recycle and compost a wide range of materials. He manages the College's greenhouse,  is active in the Endicott Environmental Society, and is an avid surfer.

Staff in the Departments of Physical Plant, Dining Services, and other departments also play important roles. 

Faculty (partial list)

Mari Butler, Ph.D.:  Environmental Science

Kristine Kelly, Ph.D.:  Business

Rachel McClure, Ph.D.:  Interior Design

Keven Renz, Ph.D.:   Interior Design

Matt Staffier, Ph.D.:  Environmental Science

Chris Tripler, Ph.D.:  Environmental Science

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