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Sustainability - Food & Dining

Endicott's partner, Sodexo, has an unwavering commitment to sustainability and the environment. Read more about Sodexo's Commitment to Sustainability.

Waste Reduction:

Endicott's dining services implemented a trayless program in 2010, reducing food waste by 30%. In January 2012 dining services implemented a re-usable To-Go container. Students who wish to take-out food can provide a deposit for a reusable container. On their next visit, they can retur

Dish room with food waste collection

n the used container for a clean one. This has eliminated the use of thousands of styrofoam containers.

Recycling and Waste Management:

Dining Services recycles steel, cardboard, and plastics. In addition, food waste is composted at a nearby farm. Left-over food is donated to charity.

Sustainable Food Choices:

Vegetarian offerings are available at every meal. Fish is sustainably harvested. Coffee and tea are fair trade. A large share of the produce is from local sources. 

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