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Image Gallery

The Office of Communications and Publications hosts two galleries where members of the Endicott may view and download College photos and logos:

    • Image Gallery: This gallery contains College-approved imagery for use in publications, event advertisements, presentations, and web pages. The gallery includes photos of the campus and its facilities; classes, labs, and applied learning venues; student life; and event-specific pictures, among others.

The Image Gallery is maintained by our office and is available to the campus community. Go to the Image Gallery.

Each photo is available in high-resolution for print publications or low-resolution for use on the web. If you are looking for an image that you do not see in the gallery, please contact Carol Raiche at ext. 2068 or

    • Special Event Gallery: Following an event (Commencement, Reunion, Homecoming, etc.), photos will be posted to this gallery and may be perused and purchased by families, friends, and alumni of the College (Login information for special event photos will be provided to families, friends, and alumni following the event.)

Please note that all photos taken for or by Endicott College are the property of the College and may be used for Endicott College promotional purposes only. Inquiries, questions, or concerns about photo use should be directed to the Office of Communications and Publications:

 What file type should you use? EPS vs. JPEG

EPS – An .eps is a vector image, and it is made up of points and paths. This artwork can be scaled infinitely larger or smaller and will not lose clarity or quality. Use this file type if a vendor requests a “vector file” for use on t-shirt graphics, banners, signage, and promotional items. (Note: this file type is only viewable on computers equipped with vector-editing software such as Adobe Illustrator.) Contact the Office of Communications and Publications for .eps file requests.

JPEG – A .jpg is a raster image, and it is made up of small color blocks called pixels. The more pixels the image contains, the higher the image resolution is. (This artwork can be made smaller, but will lose clarity and quality as the scale of it is enlarged.) Download this file type from the Image Gallery for use in printed documents and/or web-based projects. 

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