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The Office of Communications and Publications is responsible for maintaining the graphic and editorial standards that determine how Endicott is presented to its various audiences. The College name, image, and written materials comprise a brand that distinguishes the unique Endicott experience, and it is important that individual departments use the services of the office to produce their informational pieces, both printed and electronic.

The office offers creative direction, visual design, copyediting, photography, production, and print procurement services in the development of informational and marketing solutions for Endicott’s programs, events, recruitment endeavors, fundraising efforts, and other contingencies. Projects may include, but are not limited to, brochures, catalogs, invitations, newsletters, direct mail pieces, posters, and reports.

Considering a publication? Let us help you determine the best way to meet your objectives. We will discuss your goal, target audience, and intended message to help you develop an effective publication.

All College publications must undergo an approval process to ensure that Endicott’s message is presented clearly and consistently.
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