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About Endicott Observer

Conner Grant
Reilly Fitzgibbons
Co-Feature Editor
Lauren LaCava
Co-Feature Editor
Anthony Rinaldi
Sports Editor

Patrick McDonagh
News Editor

Layout Editor

Advisory Board - Samuel Alexander, Abigail Bottome, Joanne Waldner, Todd Wemmer

Faculty Advisor - Katie Lovett  

 The Endicott Observer is a winner of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Silver Medalist Certificate.

Mission Statement
The Endicott Observer serves the Endicott College community as a reliable source for news and entertainment. The staff of the Endicott Observer strives to offer students and faculty a reputable source for campus information and concerns on a biweekly basis. News content is delivered in an objective and timely manner. Feature content is gathered as to provide informative human interest stories. Editorial content is objectively selected as to provide a diverse array of opinions, so long as those opinions lack a clear malicious intent. In an effort to accommodate the entirety of our readership, we welcome all criticisms and will incorporate them to better the content of the newspaper to the best of our ability.

  • Letters to the editor and comments by readers are strongly encouraged. Letters must be signed, though the contributor may request that their name not be printed. The staff reserves the right to edit all submissions and determine which submissions will be published. All written material, photography, and artwork become the sole property of the Endicott Observer upon submission.
  • All unsigned editorial pieces reflect the opinion of the entire Endicott Observer staff.
  • All signed opinion-editorial pieces reflect the opinion of the writer and not necessarily that of the entire Endicott Observer staff.
  • The Endicott Observer is printed on newsprint by Seacoast Newspapers in Portsmouth, NH.
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