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College Presidents

Dr. Richard E. Wylie, President Endicott College

Dr. Richard E. Wylie - President of Endicott College DR. RICHARD E. WYLIE is the fifth president of Endicott College. He holds a doctorate from Boston University. He has been a professor and administrator at the University of Connecticut, Temple University, University of Colorado and Lesley College.

Dr. Wylie has a long and successful career as an author, international consultant and speaker. Since coming to Endicott College he has led a team of dedicated faculty and administrators who have taken Endicott from a small two year women's college into one of New England's great success stories in higher education. To say he is an active and engaged presence would be an understatement. Dr. Richard E. Wylie Biography

Dr. George O. Bierkoe - Endicott College Dr. Eleanor E. Tupper - Endicott College
                   Dr. George O. Bierkoe 1939-1971                   Dr. Eleanor E. Tupper 1971-1980

Dr. George O. Bierkoe and Dr. Eleanor E. Tupper, were the husband and wife founders of Endicott College, along with Dr. Tupper's parents Clarence and Ella Tupper. Dr. Bierkoe graduated from Muhlenburg College in 1922 and became a Lutheran Minister in 1925. He was the pastor of a congregation in Bellaire New York. Eleanor Tupper graduated from Brown University in 1926 and from Clark University with a doctorate in philosophy in 1929. Both had an idea that was realized and fulfilled, to educate women for greater independence and to enhance their position in the working world. The college emphasized the ideals, and standards along with the practical aspects of education including a unique element of Internship. Internship continues today as a major component of the Endicott experience.

Dr. Carol A. Hawkes 1980-1986

Dr. Carol A. Hawkes - Endicott CollegeDr. Carol A. Hawkes was the third president of Endicott College. She served as President from 1980 to 1986. Dr. Hawkes received her Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1949, and was an English professor before becoming vice president and dean of Hartwick College in 1975.

Dr. Hawkes was active on the North Shore and served as a member on the boards of the Bank of Boston Essex, Beverly Hospital and the North Shore Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Francis C. Gamelin 1986-1987

Dr. Francis C. Gamelin - Endicott CollegeDr. Francis C. Gamelin served on the Board of Trustees at Endicott College from 1966 to 1988. At that time the Board voted him Trustee Emeritus. During the 1986-1987 academic year Dr. Gamelin served as President of Endicott College while the search for a new president was underway. Dr. Gamelin received his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. Prior to his retirement he served as president of the Higher Education Center of St. Louis, chief executive of the Central States College Association, and executive secretary of the Lutheran Church in America Board of College Education.

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