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Alumni Walk


The deadline to purchase an Alumni Walk brick for placement in September 2014 has passed.

For information, please call 978-232-2042.  Alumni Walk will be open again after September 30, 2014.  Thank you for your interest.

Alumni Walk will be dedicated during Endicott’s 75th Anniversary year. 

Located at the steps to the Manninen Center for the Arts, Alumni Walk is an opportunity for Alumni to share in Endicott’s heritage and future.  For a gift of $75 or more, your name and graduation year will be engraved on a brick and placed in Alumni Walk. 

Generations of Endicott Alumni have gathered at the edge of the Pond to celebrate Luminaries, a candlelight ceremony that marks the transition from student to alumnus.  It is a gathering for friends and dreamers and an opportunity for reflection and to think about how one will remain a part of Endicott’s family forever.  Located at the site where Luminaries is held, Alumni Walk will become an integral part of this transformative celebration.

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