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Because of the generosity of many loyal supporters, Endicott has been able to construct state-of-the-art academic buildings and residence halls, enhance academic offerings, and grow an increasingly successful athletic program.  Endicott continues to enroll students in academic programs focused on preparing them for 21st Century jobs.  All aspects of the College are energizing students, faculty, alumni, and visitors. If you walk the scenic ocean side campus at Endicott College, it is easy to see the effects that its generous donors have made on the institution, now ranked by US News and World Report as a Best University in the Northeast.  Also easy to see is the impact that scholarship support has made in the lives of Endicott students.  Eight out of 10 Endicott students are awarded financial aid, and it is imperative to sustain and grow this support to ensure these students can complete their dreams of receiving a college education.  With the help of many caring donors, Endicott has been able to increase its aid to deserving students in financial need, which is a high priority of the College.

All of these important developments and achievements would not be possible without the help of the many alumni, friends, parents, trustees, and organizations who have financially supported Endicott.  Please know that each and every gift makes a difference at Endicott College!

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