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Gaming Policy

While the primary purpose of the Endicott Network is to support instruction and research activities, Endicott does not prohibit the use of the residential network for gaming provided these activities do not interfere with the primary purposes of the network.

If you are interested in using the residential network for gaming there are three things you should know:

1. Endicott does not block any of the high numbered ports used by internet gaming servers.  The only ports blocked on the residential network are a few low numbered ports used by well known internet worms such as Code Red, Slammer, Blaster and Welchia.  Outbound SMTP connections are also blocked as we found many worms were using this port to propagate.

2. Computers on the residential network use private IP addresses which are translated into public IP addresses by our firewall in order to connect to the internet.  This is a popular security mechanism known as Network Address Translation or NAT.  Most internet games work quite well via NAT but there may be some games or other internet software that does not work over NAT.  Endicott does not support any internet software on the residential network if it does not work either over a NAT connection or through a proxy server.

3. If you have a network aware game console such as an Xbox or Playstation you must register it with the IT Help Desk in order to be able to use it on the residential network.  To do this, call the Help Desk  at extension 2072 and submit your request.  You will be required to provide the hardware address, known as the MAC address, of your device in order to register it for access to the residential network.

Please know that in most cases this will show up as Strict NAT for XBox, and Nat3 for Playstation. At this time there is nothing that can be done to change this.

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