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Information Technology Help Desk

We also offer walk-in support in the Information Technology Department, located in College Hall (ground floor).

Looking for more help? Check out our online Help Desk!

The Frequently Asked Questions section provides answers to questions that many students and parents have concerning computers and technology here at Endicott.

Endicott College Laptop Requirement

Updating Virus Scans While Off-Campus 

Troubleshooting Links and DownloadsDownloading Acrobat Reader, opening PDF files and Word/Excel documents.

Useful Links
We've also listed some Useful Links to help you become better acquainted with the information technology environment at Endicott.

Virus & Security CenterIncluding Top Viruses, Virus Advisories, Related Links, and updating Trend Micro Antivirus Software while not at Endicott College.

Voicemail - Call Pilot Instructions:

Endicott Students

Faculty and Staff (full-time)

Adjunct Faculty (multi-line phone)

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