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Gull Card Meal Plans

Meal Plan Overview

The meal plan, a requirement for students living on campus, consists of three secondary accounts: board meals, guest meals, and flex dollars. The board and guest meals are for use in the main dining hall located in the Callahan Center.  Flex dollars are funds that come with each meal plan and can be used at the Dining Hall, Courtyard Cafe, the Lodge, Einstein Bros., and the Meltdown.  Each time you pay for food using your flex dollar account, your remaining balance will be displayed on the card reader at the cashier station. You can also check your balance by inquiring at the Gull Card Office at College Hall. Flex dollars cannot be used on vending or laundry machines.

Looking to change your meal plan?

Changes to a meal plan can be made online here.  Reducing a meal plan must be done within the first two weeks of each semester.  To increase your meal plan after the two week deadline please contact Student Affairs at (978) 232-2141

Not sure how many meals you have left? Want to know how many meals you used last semester?

Contact the Gull Card Office! We can provide you with either a balance or a statement (your choice!). If you'd like your statement sent via e-mail, please be aware that these will only be sent to Endicott issued e-mail addresses.



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