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Gull Card Flex Account

Flex Accounts

The Flex Dollar and Off-Campus Flex accounts are included and paid for as part of the Meal Plan. Which Plan you pick determines how much of each Flex you'll receive.

Flex Dollars

These funds can only be used at the following on-campus dining locations:
The Dining Hall
The Courtyard Cafe

Einstein Bros. Bagels
The Lodge

Off-Campus Flex

These funds can be used at any on-campus dining location mentioned above as well as at nearly two dozen off-campus locations. For more information on each of these locations, visit Off-Campus Dining

A few important reminders about the Flex Accounts!

  • Flex will only transfer from the fall to the spring semester!
    • Any remaining funds in either Flex Account at the end of the fall semester will transfer over to the spring semester. At the end of the spring semester, the balances in both accounts are reset.
  • Don't try to do your laundry with Flex!
    • These funds are for dining purposes only and are meant to supplement your meal plan and provide you with more dining flexibility. Visit Card Cash for more information on paying for laundry and vending.
  • Additional funds cannot be deposited into either Flex account!
    • If your meal plan is running low and you'd like to upgrade, contact Student Affairs at (978) 232-2106. If you'd like to add additional funds for dining without changing your meal plan, visit Card Cash Deposits.




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