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Card Cash Information

The Card Cash account is the account that can be used anywhere the Gull Card is accepted! While the Flex Accounts can only be used at dining locations, Card Cash contains much more flexibility.



Laundry/Vending Machines

Off-Campus Dining



A few important reminders about Card Cash!

***To Deposit Funds into this account, please visit Card Cash Deposits ***

Don't confuse Card Cash with the Flex you receive as part of your meal plan!

  • Flex is a pre-purchased amount paid for as part of the meal plan that can only be used at specified dining locations. These funds are kept in a separate account from Card Cash. Visit Flex Accounts for more information.
  • Card Cash is deposited by the parent or student and can be used at any location listed above.
The Card Cash account is initially empty until a deposit is made!
  • Deposits can be made online, in person or at an on-campus PHiL station. Visit Card Cash Deposits to learn more.
  • Card Cash rolls from one semester to the next while you're enrolled as an Endicott student!
  • Unlike Flex, which resets at the end of the spring semester, your Card Cash account will stay intact until you leave Endicott.
  • Upon graduation or withdrawal, the remaining Card Cash balance will be put towards any outstanding bills in the Bursar's Office. After that, if the remaining balance is $10 or more, you'll receive a reimbursement check.



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