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What is the Gull Card?

The Gull Card is your official College ID and much, much more!

  • Access Card
    • Your way into your Residence Hall, the Front Gate as well as the Post Center.
    • Dining Card
      • Tracks your Meal Plan and Flex Accounts.
      • Debit Card
        • Deposit funds into your Card Cash Account to be used both on and off-campus.

        ***It's important that you keep your card with you at all times.***

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        What's on the Card?

        • Front of the Card
          • Your Photo
          • Your Name
          • Five or Six Digit ID Number
          • Title (Student, Faculty, Administrator, etc.)
          • Halle Library Barcode
          • Back of the Card
            • A Listing of Frequently Used Campus Extensions
            • Thin Black Magnetic Stripe

            What's encoded on the Magnetic Stripe???

            • The Magnetic Stripe is encoded with your unique card number. This is a combination of your ID number as well as your issue code (related to the number of cards you've had replaced).

            What's the Magnetic Stripe for???

            • When a card is used, the card swipe reads the unique card number off from the magnetic stripe and relays that information back to the Gull Card server via the campus network. The Gull Card server is where all account and door access information is held. The server lets the reader know if the student has the appropriate funds or privileges, and the reader responds accordingly.

            Please don't punch a hole through the Magnetic Stripe!

            • It will no longer work and you'll need to purchase a replacement card!

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            Replacing Your Gull Card

            If you need a new or replacement Gull Card, stop by our office!
            We'd be more than happy to help. As a general rule, we won't release a Gull Card to anyone but the cardholder. If you can't make it during office hours due to an internship or work conflict, contact the Gull Card Administrator in advance to make alternative arrangements.

            The first Gull Card is always free!
            Replacement cards will be billed to your student account in the Bursar's Office at the rate of $25 per card. Have an old or damaged card??? Bring it with you! If you surrender an old card while picking up a replacement, the charge is only $10. This card should belong to you (you can't turn in your roommates Gull Card)! Please keep in mind that Endicott does not reissue cards on a yearly basis. Students are expected to keep the same Gull Card for the duration of their enrollment. If a new card is needed, the applicable charge will apply.

            If you're stopping by for a brand new card, be prepared to have your photo taken!
            Photos are taken on-site by a staff member. Unfortunately, we can't accept submitted photos for ID purposes. We also can't take new photos for replacement cards. Incoming first-year students will have their photo taken during summer orientation.

            If you've lost your Gull Card, you can now put it on hold immediately!
            While we want you to know where your Gull Card is at all times (it really should be treated just like a credit card), we understand that occasionally it might be misplaced. While you're searching for it, you may now go to the Endicott Gullcard site to freeze your card. All your accounts and meals will be frozen. When you've found it, just log-in once again to remove the hold. Still can't find it? Stop by and we'll print you a new one (the aforementioned charge will apply).

            If you're having a problem with your card, we can help!
            Contact the Gull Card Office at (978) 232-5234. We may be able to help you right over the phone. Sometimes we may need to test the card so we might ask you to bring it by our office.

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            How to Resolve a Gull Card Problem

            If you encounter a problem with your card, the following procedures should be followed:

            • If the card is lost or damaged, report to the Gull Card Office at College Hall or by visiting Endicott Gullcard
            • If there is a problem using the card to access residence halls, contact the Gull Card Office (Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm) and Campus Safety on evenings and weekends.
            • If there is a problem using the card with a laundry controller, contact the Gull Card Office for a service call request.
            • If there is a problem using the card with the copy machines, contact a library staff member. For a problem with the computer printer stations, contact the computer lab supervisor.
            • If there are no available funds on your card's account, visit the Bursar's Office at College Hall or one of the Card Value Centers located in the Halle Library or the Callahan Center.
            • If there is a problem using the Card Value Center, contact the Gull Card Office at College Hall.

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