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The Gull Card was introduced to Endicott College in July of 2002. Every member of the Endicott Community should have a Gull Card. The card is more than just a student ID! It is an access card, a library card, a debit card, and a dining card for both on and off campus purchases.

The index below will help you become familiar with the many features of the Endicott Gull Card and will allow you to quickly locate the features you need.

About the Gull Card
What is the Gull Card
How It Works for You
Gull Card Do's and Don'ts
Getting a New Card
Gull Card Photos
Replacing Your Gull Card
Replacement Charges
Lost/Stolen Cards
Other Gull Card Issues
Gull Card Terms & Conditions (.pdf)

The Gull Card Office 
Getting Your Gull Card
Office Hours
Contact Information

Printing/Photocopying Account
About the Printing Account
Depositing to Your Printing Account

Account Information
Checking Your Account Balances
Getting a Printed Account Balance
Your Account Statement by Email

Card Cash
About Card Cash
Depositing to Your Card Cash Account
Card Cash Reminders

Account Deposits
Making a Deposit

Meal Plans
Overview of the Meal Plans
Changing Your Meal Plan
Meal Plan Balance
Flex Accounts
Flex Dollars
Off-Campus Flex
Off-Campus Dining
Flex Account Reminders


Endicott College Gull Card
Student, Faculty & Staff

Endicott College Gull Card
Campus Visitors

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