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Tuition, Room & Board Fees

Fee Schedule 2017-2018

Fee Schedule 2016-2017 

Half the annual costs for tuition, room, board and fees are billed prior to the start of each semester. The fall bills are available on C.O.A.S.T. (the Endicott Campus Online Administrative and Student Transactions System) by July 1st; payment is due by August 1st. The spring bills are available on C.O.A.S.T. by November 30th; payment is due by January 2nd.

The directly-billed charges include tuition, room, board and fees. Indirect expenses, such as the cost of books, supplies, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses will not appear on your bill.

Please check our Frequently Asked Questions page for questions regarding the billing and payments process. Contact information can be found on the Bursar’s Office home page.

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