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Insurance Plan

Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan

Endicott College is pleased to partner with Gallagher Koster Insurance as our student health insurance manager.

Gallagher Koster Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency specializing in student insurance. Gallagher Koster combines an in depth knowledge of state insurance regulations with years of experience in the health care and insurance industry to customize student medical insurance plans to address the unique needs of Endicott College students.

Health Insurance Requirement

Massachusetts Law states that all full-time or three quarter time students have health insurance while attending Endicott College. Students are automatically enrolled and billed in the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan offered through Endicott College if they are registered for 9 or more credits. This mandatory health insurance charge can only be removed from the invoice by completing the waiver process. If the student is currently enrolled in a health insurance plan with comparable coverage, they can waive the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan on-line. Students who do not complete the waiver process by the end of the first week of class, will be automatically enrolled.

In order to waive coverage for the policy year please go to

Plan Description

Endicott College Student Health Insurance Brochure

Plan Costs
The annual cost of the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance will be billed in the fall semester. Please refer to the current Tuition & Fees schedule for plan costs.

If you have any questions about the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan, please contact Gallagher Koster Insurance Agency at 617-769-6022 locally and 800-396-9169 for toll-free calls, or

Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)
Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan Endicott College

GradGuard Tuition Refund Insurance
Protecting Your Valuable College Investment

As an Endicott College student or family member, you may want to consider Tuition Refund Insurance. This elective coverage offers up to 100% tuition refund, up to the policy limits, when a student can’t complete classes for the semester due to a covered medical reason. This coverage complements and enhances our refund policy. Enroll today at or call our Tuition Refund Insurance provider at 866-857-0572.

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